My ears are still ringing from all of that stupid… It is echoing in my head. (whispering) Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.
— Torrie talking to Sammy, in Family First, 5:20

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Current: Loner
First: New Faces

Torrie is a gray tom with dark gray spots on his back, a dark grey stripe on his neck, white-tipped ears, white paws, thin black stripes on his face and icey blue eyes.


New Faces

At the beginning of this episode, he is seen walking beside his brother, Vimy. He seems irritated when his brother seems eager to help Sammy after she got carried away by a hawk, and protests when Speed and Vimy decide to go and search for the hawk. Later, when they arrive at the hawk's nest he seems unenthusiastic as Speed searches for Sammy.

Good and Bad Intentions

During the battle against the hawk, his brother Vimy runs to protect Speed, but loses his balance and his underbelly is slit open by the hawk's talons. Torrie leaps to defend his brother and tackles the hawk, brutally wounding it's wing before being thrown off. The hawk is then pushed of the cliff by Sammy, unable to fly because of it's twisted wing.

Coming Togethers

Coming soon.

Romance is Boring

Torrie is seen yelling at his brother Vimy to get back into the den to rest. Then he yells at Sammy about why she was still there and told her to go home.

Torrie is seen walking away when he is stopped by Sammy. He sarcastically mentions how he told her to go home. She tells him that she will after yelling at him. Sammy yells at him about treating Vimy like a kit. He claims he treats him like a kit because he is his only family member left and that if he didn't he would probably be dead. Torrie insults Sammy by saying that she wouldn't understand that. Sammy yells at him about having no friends in the whole bloody world and she doesn't understand family but that this is one thing she knows about. Torrie looks into her eyes with sympathy. Later after hearing a roar he declares that they should go check it out. Sammy protests but he claims that the only way to avoid trouble is to understand it.

Family First

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Vimy[1]: Living (As of The Meeting)





"The only thing we have to do, is get back to the den before it starts raining. I don't like the look of those clouds and I just hate getting wet. Now come on or I'll leave you here, Vimy."
—Torrie to Vimy New Faces, Unknown

"Speed, what were you doing back there? Vimy could have been killed and you didn't try to stop him or help him or move your stupid hide at all! The unconscious three leg damsel in distress did more than you to help. What's wrong with you? You're a fox for creature's sakes! You could've killed the stupid bird if you bothered to try!"
—Torrie to Speed New Faces, Unknown

"Imagine it like someone smashing down a dam and all the water flowing out. That water - that water is you, rushing back to the ocean. In your case, the barn. That's how welcome you are to leave."
—Torrie to Sammy

"Being nice is really hard..."
—Torrie to Sammy Family First, Unknown

"And you! Fantastic plan back there, pushing a bird off a cliff. What are you going to try next? Drown a trout?"
—Torrie to Sammy Coming Togethers, 1:32

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