The Pack of Night is the main pack in the series.


The Pack of Night is the main pack in the series. The pack is lead by Fang, and held together by Bone and the mid-ranking wolves. The pack currently stands without an alpha female after a terrible incident, causing Flutter to die, and Alari to vanish from the pack. It is suggested that Midnight may become the new Alpha female.


Alpha: (First in command, leader)

Fang - Pale-gray male wolf with a ginger streak running down his back, wide yellow eyes, a bushy tail, and a battle-scarred muzzle.

Beta: (Second in command, deputy)

Bone - Massive, broad-shouldered white wolf with dark amber eyes.

Pack Members: (Male and female wolves helping support the pack)

Midnight - Dark black she-wolf with white flecks on her chest, a long white-tipped tuft of fur on her head, and icy-blue eyes.

Lupis - Smoky black wolf with flashing amber eyes.

Cliff - Dark ginger wolf with a long silver streak running down his back, a large bushy tail, one silver paw, and shinning royal blue eyes.

Milly - Tall brown cow with a pinkish-white muzzle, and small brown eyes.

Omegas: (The most unimportant and weak wolves in the pack, they have to sleep outside)

Luna - A silver and white she-wolf with light green eyes

Elders: (Wolves retired due to injuries or old age)

Yin-Yang - A black and white she-wolf with green eyes


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