The Fence is a long, barbed-wire fence that marks the border of the Pack of Night's territory.


The fence is a long barbed-wire fence that stretches along the border of the Pack of Night's territory, blocking the wolves from entering the farm's pastures. The fence is often a place young wolves are dared to touch or visit because of it's many dangers.


I Dare You

When Midnight, Bone, and Alari leave Blue's den to explore, Midnight dares Bone to touch the fence. Alari protests and asks if Midnight would be brave enough to go. When Midnight replies she wouldn't, she then dares Alari to touch the fence. Alari boldly states she will, then turns and leaves.

The Fence

Alari waunders off to the fence and meets Milly. The two talk between the fence until Milly leaves, causing her farmer to come out and aim a gun at Alari. Flutter leaps between Alari and the farmer, getting shot.

Those Lost

Fang finds Flutter dead beside the fence with a bloody trail of pawprints leading away. Fang refuses to look for his daughter, and grieves heavily for his dead mate beside the fence. He and Blue bicker over what to do about Alari beside the fence, and Fang decides to banish Blue from the Pack of Night.


Milly is seen sitting beside the fence, howling for Alari.

Like a Rock

When Rocky's tree falls during the thunder storm, it crushes one half of the fence, allowing Milly to escape.

Times Change

When Lupis reports to Bone about Milly on Moon Cliff, Fang demands how she got out and asks if she smelled of the fence. Later, Cliff and Blue are daring Fang to go touch the fence. Cliff claims he recently touched the fence, and discribes it as "big and green with a face." Fang leaves to touch the fence, but meets Flutter. At the end of this episode, Flutter is seen dead by the fence.