Silver Icon
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Rune
Current Kingdom of the West
Voice Actors
Current Tribbleofdoom
Flashback Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

Silver is a light gray she-wolf with pale yellow eyes.


Fall from Grace, Rise to Power

Silver is introduced as a Kingdom Wolf, or "Tail-Chaser", and manages to catch some birds with Zir. Silver teases her acquaintance, claiming that Feather-Ferals are a myth, then questions if he is afraid of ghosts as well. Rune and Mink startle the trespassers by speaking in low, resonating voices, being mistaken for ghosts. When the duo comes face to face with Silver and the other Kingdom wolf, she announces boldly that she is not afraid, leading to her abrupt death when her throat is ripped out by Rune, nearly decapitating her. When Kia picks up the prey, Silver's corpse is seen lying in a pool of blood around her,  the bone of her neck showing from her fatal wound.


  • There has been some confusion on the two Silvers but it was has confirmed they are different wolves.[1]
  • Both Silvers were in the Kingdom of the West and were killed by or because of Rune.[1]



"Would you relax? We won't be here long. Besides, Feather Ferals are a myth. Are you scared of ghosts, too?"
—Silver to Zir Fall From Grace, Rise To Power, Part I


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