Soon wolflets will betray the prey. Wolflets always betray!
— Safira to Milly in Family First

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Current: Loner
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Mountain Lion
First: Back To Haunt

Safira is a tawny-colored female mountain lion with amber eyes and black ears.


Safira is a very aggressive and territorial mountain lion. She hates all wolves and believes they are stupid, lying thieves. She particularly dislikes the Pack of Night and Fang.


Back To Haunt

Safira slams Alari into a rock while defending her cub. Saber stops her and takes in Alari as his own.

Romance is Boring

Safira attempts to attack Lupis and Luna, but is stopped when Milly rams into her. The lioness tries to talk some sense into the cow, probably hoping to persuade it to leave the wolf pack alone. She states that she does not know why the wolves have not murdered the farm cow by this day. Milly refuses to believe that her friends would do such a thing to her and threatens Safira to leave or she would attack her once more, possibly wanting to kill the lion. Safira then flees into the woods, greatly wounded.

A moment after, she runs into Torrie and Sammy, and tells them an anecdote of what had happen to her. She states that a cow of the wild had injured her. Torrie dismisses this and claims that Safira probably hit her head during the attack. He gives her directions to Saber's place. Safira thanks the small feline and runs off.

Family First

Coming soon


  • Safira calls Torrie a small lion, and possibly calls all her feline friends this.




Unnamed Cub[1]: Living (As of The Meeting)



"It is not Saber's pup. Safira swears it."
—Safira about Alari Back To Haunt, 03:38

References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Back To Haunt , time 3:23

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