"The only thing I want is for you to be happy."
— Saber to Alari in Family First, 07:50

Saber Icon
Alias Thin-Blood (by Luna)[1]
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Loner
Voice Actors
Formerly Drahveson[2], RandomClipProduction[3]
Living Admirance, Family First, Who's Your Daddy?
Flashback Back To Haunt

Saber is a black wolf with white dots around one eye, a white patch on the other, white toes on one paw and a dappled chest, as well as bold, dark amber eyes.



He is first seen scolding Torrie, then tells Torrie that his brother is in bad shape. When Torrie presses on, Saber simply walks away. He is not seen after this.

Back To Haunt

He is seen finding Alari knocked out from running from Safira. He takes her in as if Alari was his daughter.

Family First

Saber is seen coming out his den. He begins to tell Alari how her caught a rabbit but claims she doesn't look hungry. He immediately suspects she's been following Bone again. When Alari confides that she can't stop thinking about Bone, Saber states he only wants her to be happy. He allows her to cry into his fur, but when he begins to talk about Blue and himself he is cut off by Vimy and Alari. When Safira arrives, Saber asks her what happened. Alari begins to question her, wanting to know if it was Bone she attacked and if he's okay. This angers Safira but Saber cuts her off and takes her into the den to try and treat her wounds.


  • Saber once was Blue's mate. Thus he is the father of Midnight, Bone and Luna. Saber also fought with Fang after Blue died. That was how both wolves received their scars.[4]
  • Saber learned basic healing techniques from Kingdom wolves he ran into over the years. After Blue died of illness, he decided to help those in need anyway he could.[4]
  • He is aware of Midnight, Bone, and Luna being his pups. He hides this knowledge and talks of Bone like a complete stranger because he does not want Alari to know that he is their father, and because he is slightly ashamed that Bone, of all wolves, would be second in command with Fang, as Saber hates Fang.[4]
    • Fang kept Saber from visiting his pups in the Pack of Night, which contributed to Saber keeping Alari a secret as a form of revenge on Fang. The two of them received scars in a fight about this matter.[5]


  • Saber's white eye markings frequently change from episode to episode. He has also been shown with two black ears in earlier episodes.[citation needed]
  • He has been portrayed with red eyes instead of amber.[6]




Jet[4]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Blue (Formerly)[4]: Deceased


Bone[4]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Luna[4]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)
Midnight[4]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)

Foster Daughter:

Alari: Alive (As of Love Hurts)





"Matters of the heart can be difficult sometimes."
—Saber to Alari about her feelings for Bone. Episode 22 - Family First, Unknown


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