"Oh, do shut up! One word and Kia stops playing with your beta and I stop playing with you. I've been civilized up until now but you have no idea how close you are to being very very dead."
— Rune to Fang in Family First

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Current: Kingdom of the West
Past: Feather Ferals
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King Position
Preceded by: Kahleel
First: The West

Rune is a blue-gray male wolf with a jagged gash ripped down the left side of his face. This gash cuts through his left eye. His eyes are emerald green. Rune wears a red feather on his tail. He has a battle scarred muzzle, yellow-stained teeth, and dull white spots under both eyes. He wears Mink's jay feather in the left side of his neck.


  • When he made his first appearance, Rune's character design featured a torn ear and v-shaped markings on both sides of his eyes. In later episodes these markings weren't included, nor was the torn ear.[1]
  • Balder was the wolf who gave Rune the scar on his left eye.[2]
  • Contrary to popular belief, Rune did not remove Mink's feather before she died. It has been confirmed that it fell off before she died and Rune is waiting to give it to her. A direct quote from tribbleofdoom: "He did take it when they went back for her head. He didn't remove it when she died, it came off accidentally. He was mad at her, but to die without your feather, is basically the most horrific thing you can do to someone else in his culture. He would never do it on purpose. It fell off (and is seen billowing in Episode 17), and he finds it when he goes for her head, and keeps it, so he can give it to her when he dies and she can have her wings."[3]
  • Rune's name means "Secret".[citation needed]



Marra[4]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Relic[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)
Three Unnamed Pups[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Terok[2]: Deceased


Doran[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)

Unnamed Pups



"You have two choices: You can give us your prey and high tail out of our territory. Or you can stay, die and we get your prey."
—-Rune to Zir and Silver Fall From Grace, Rise To Power, Unknown
"Get you sleep, Per'Sherra. Tomorrow we make our journey to the Pack of Night."
—Rune to Kia Fall From Grace, Rise To Power, Unknown
"Sweet girl, no one accused you of doing anything wrong. I mean, what are you doing right at this moment?"
—Rune to Marra The Meeting, 4:04
"Don't look so surprised, love. We all get caught in a little white lie sometimes."
—Rune to Marra The Meeting, 4:22
"This world is a cruel place, and if you don't change yourself to align with that, it will swallow you whole."
—Rune to Lupis Who's Your Daddy?, 10:12
"Be the hunter or you are the prey. If there's one thing I can teach you, let it be that."
—Rune to Lupis Who's Your Daddy?, Unknown
"Or are you the first son of Rune?"
—Rune to Lupis Who's Your Daddy?, 10:38

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