Rock and Sharp
Rock and Sharp
Characters Rock and Sharp
Relationship Neutral
Status Canon (Unconfirmed)

Rock and Sharp features Rock from the Pack of the Mossy Boulders, and Sharp from the Pack of Falling Stars.


Rock and Sharp meet at the the ancient place of gatherings, when Fang is holding the meeting for all packs of the forest. Rock tries to flirt with Sharp and compliments her on her scars. As she recognizes his flirting attempts, she ask who he is and Rock introduces himself. However, Sharp tells him that if he ever talks to her again, she will eliminate his pack, leaving Rock in shock and desperation.[1]


Sharp: "Who are you?"
Rock: "Rock, alpha male of the Pack of Mossy Boulders. A pack which by the way is decidedly lacking of an alpha female. Any interest in... eliminating that?"
Sharp: "Rock, alpha male of the Pack of Mossy Boulders; Listen closely. If you ever speak to me again, I will remove your mossy boulders and remedy your female problem... permanently. Understood?"
Rock: "Why would you say something like that?!"
—Sharp talking to Rock The Meeting, 10:06

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  1. Revealed in The Meeting, 09:48