Rock and Marra
Rock and Marra
Characters Rock and Marra
Relationship One sided interest (Rock's Side)
Status Canon (Unconfirmed)

Rock and Marra features Rock from the Pack of the Mossy Boulders, and Marra from the Kingdom of the West.


After Rock tries to get Midnight's attention, he decides to leave her while talking, to flirt with Marra instead. He tells her that he is searching for an alpha female, but gets rejected. Marra says that she already has a mate, but Rock wants to fight for affections. However, after the she-wolf tells him the story how Rune, her mate, killed Balder and Mink, he cowardly agrees that she does not fit his expectations.[1]


Marra: "I have a mate."
Rock: "I will fight him for your affections then. Where is he?"
Marra: "Let me tell you a little story. My mate had another female before me. When she left him, he got so angry that he killed both, she and her new mate. Via decapation. I am not your type."
Rock: "You're right... uhh umm... you're not."
—Marra speaking to Rock Romance Is Boring, 02:38

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  1. Revealed in Romance is Boring Part II, 02:12