Rock and Jade
Rock and Jade
Characters: Rock and Jade
Relationship: Two-sided crush (Possibly Lovers)
Status: Fan based (Unconfirmed)
Rock and Midnight is a fan based pairing. It features Rock from the Pack of the Mossy Boulders and Jade from the Pack of the Moonlit Stream.


The pairing of Rock and Jade was made up by the creator of Jade, Acornheart465. On one of her pictures of Jade she stated that the she-wolf has a thing for the young alpha, beside having a mate. Another picture shows Rock and Jade in a pairing pose, where Acornheart states "This may or not be canon", hinting that they may have screen time together in some episode.[1]

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References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Tribble's DeviantART or Youtube

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