Cow of the Wild Wiki is a miniature encyclopedia for fans of Tribbleofdoom's successful animated series to cluster together and form articles of useful information. It is made for great-quality pages describing the world, characters, and plot/storyline of the series. However, there are several things that Cow of the Wild Wiki is definitely not.


Cow of the Wild Wiki is not a social networking, image-hosting site

1. Cow of the Wild wiki is not your own personal Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, DeviantArt, or Blogger. Images of certain types are aloud, including fanart, screenshots, traditional and digital art, and photography. However, photographs or illustrations of or including nudity, extreme, unbearable violence, harsh language, sexual themes, and so on are not prohibited. This website is made for child-friendly images, and although in the series, violence is exposed (disembodied heads, throats being torn out, etc.) we would rather only include the images from the series, or fanart relating to those pictures, nothing more.

2. Cow of the Wild Wiki is also not meant for socializing to your heart's content. You have limitless abilities to freely chat by dropping messages on your friends' pages, and so on, but spamming others with needless messages or constantly making new blogs that stand with no necessary purpose simply to raise editcount will not be tolerated.

3. Fellow Wiki members also have the privilege of having up to three personal images, and no more. This is considered a luxury to many of our contributers, since on many other wikias, two or less personal images are aloud. We enjoy giving our users and friends abilities to express themselves by uploading pictures, but abusing this privilege will not be tolerated. Like stated above, no images with extremely hard-core violence (unless relevant to COTW's theme), no sexual themes (no matter how related it is to the wiki), and definitely no harsh language or swearing in any other tongues.

Cow of the Wild Wiki is not a publisher of opinions and original thought

1. Cow of the Wild Wiki will not allow opinions or fan theories on articles (however, sturdy, firm theories are occasionally accepted under the Trivia section). No matter how much you dislike or approve of a character/pack/episode/etc, your personal thoughts are not allowed on pages.

2. Many contributors may find it a hobby to write fan fictions, and although we are not against creative thought, we would like to suggest that you do not make fan-made pages on this wiki. Blog entries are fine, but crafting together a brand new article that is a fictional, fan-made character/place/etc is prohibited. We would rather not deal with users who attempt to "weasel their way into the series" by claiming that a character in the background is their's, and how they need to write an entire article about it. We do, however, understand that Tribble has allowed many the opportunity to have her add their characters into the background, (EX: Moon) but we would find it best to show these character away from our wiki.

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