"Let me tell you a little story. My mate had another female before me. When she left him, he got so angry that he killed both, she and her new mate. Via decapitation. I am not your type."
— Marra to Rock in Romance Is Boring

Marra Icon
Age Approximately 3.5 Years
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Kingdom of the West
Rank Queen (Preceded by Silver)
Voice Actors
Current Blixemi[1]
Formerly MidnightSummoning

Marra is a brown she-wolf with a dark underbelly, dark brown stripes on her back and green eyes. Next to her eyes are two darker arrow-head stripes. She also has two scars above and under her left eye.

She is the only surviving pup of Kahleel and the former mate of Rune.


Strong willed and kind, Marra is a loyal and benevolent queen yearning for an end to Rune’s madness, and to avenge the death of her father and family. Although her overall demeanor is cool and collective, she shows great hostility when interacting with or mentioning her mate, Rune. Although a level headed wolf with a traumatic past, her ambition often gets the best of her, as it is evident that she will do anything—even bet the life of her “cousin” Lupis—to take back her birth right as the heir to the Kingdom of the West from the malevolent Rune.


  • Rune did not kill Marra because he wanted to take her as a mate to pass on his place as king to his pups.[2]
    • He does not love Marra. In fact he actively dislikes her because she reminds him of Balder.[3]
    • Marra has given birth to Rune's pups. One of them is named Relic.[citation needed]
  • Rune forced Marra to watch him decapitate her father.[2]
  • Marra would be about 20 years old in human years.[4]
  • Marra has had several design changes and mistakes throughout the series.
    • Marra has been shown as darker and a lighter shade of brown throughout Episode 24
    • She is missing her scar several times including, after she killed Rune.


Coming Togethers

She is seen in the crowd of wolves gathered on The Pack of Night's territory. Marra explains to Luna, Lupis, Milly, and Rocky what she knows about all the wolves gathered in their territory. When Luna, Milly and Rocky leave to ask Yin-Yang about the purpose of the gathering, Marra calls Lupis over. She asks if she knows him, and Lupis refuses to say he knows her. Marra then announces the Lupis is the son of Balder.

Things Best Left Forgotten

The episode begins with Marra attempting to see if Lupis remembers who she is. She insists she never forgets a scent, and tells him she was Kahleel's daughter, hoping that the fact may refresh his memory.

During the flashback, Kahleel calls her over to meet her uncle Balder. She states that it was an honor to meet the great wolf called Balder, and states that she wants to be as strong as him when she is all grown up. After she is introduced to the pups, Marra and Lupis begin to play fight as Kahleel, Balder, and Mink discuss Lupis' health.

She is later seen again, when Apollo and Rune ask to speak with the King. Marra cheerfully escorts them to her father's den, after being told so by Kahleel.

Romance Is Boring

She is seen talking to Rock. Rock tries to persuade her to be his Alpha female, but she tells him that her mate's last female ran off with another wolf and he killed both her and her new mate. She asks Rock if he had seen a gray wolf with yellow eyes.

The Meeting

Marra is seen walking around the Pack of Night's territory when Rune finds her. She looks rather shocked, and asks why he is there. Rune tells her melodramatically that being apart from her is too much to bare. Unsettled, Marra says that was nice to know, and Rune asks her what she is doing there. The she-wolf irritably says that she is there for the meeting, like he told her and has done nothing wrong. Rune says that nobody accused her of doing anything wrong, and asks what she is doing right there. Marra states the obvious that she is talking to Rune, who ignores it and tells her that she is looking for somebody. She suddenly looks panicked, but before she can deny it, Rune more specifically says she is looking for Lupis. Busted, she begins to stamper on her words. He tells her that everybody gets caught in a white lie, and Marra asks what he is going to do with Lupis. He replies that he does not want to do anything, but that apparently Marra wanted to bring him back to the Kingdom and he wanted to help her. Marra goes on to ask that what they will do after that, but Rune refuses to tell her, only saying that she will see. She and Rune are then seen in the group of wolves as Bone demands everybody to go to the meeting, but neither speak again.



Rune[5] (Formerly): Deceased


Kahleel[6]: Deceased


Silver: Deceased


Balder[6]: Deceased
Apollo[6]: Deceased


Relic[3]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)
Three Unnamed Pups[3]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)


Aurora[6]: Deceased
Erol[6]: Deceased
Tia[6]: Deceased
Phantom: Deceased
Zero: Deceased
Gri: Alive

Grand Father:

Vadar[6]: Deceased

Great Aunt:

Yin-Yang[6]: Alive (As of Love Hurts)

Missing Generations
Unnamed Pups
Unnamed Pups



"No, I'm sure I've seen you before. A long time ago... Great creator! That's it. I remember who you are now. You're son of Balder!"
—Marra after meeting Lupis Coming Togethers, Unknown


Marra: "You can't be serious. Lupis, you weren't there. You don't know what he's done to our people - What he's done to me. I am your family. Listen to me."
Lupis: "You would have gladly seen me die for your cause. Why should I listen to you?"
Marra: "You are a coward. I don't know how I could have believed in you."
Rune: "Calm down, darling. You've lost. Just like your father lost before you. It runs in your family. Accept it and move on."
Marra (Upon murdering Rune): "See this? You will die without your brother in flight, Rune. I've torn off your wings. I am Marra. Daughter of the honorable King, Kahleel the Kind. And it is you who has lost."
—Marra before and after she kills Rune Love Hurts, 12:47


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