Lupis and Luna
Lupis and Luna
Characters Lupis and Luna
Relationship Two-sided crush
Status Canon (Unconfirmed)

Lupis and Luna is one of the most supported canon pairings in the Cow of the Wild Series. It features Lupis and Luna of the Pack of Night.


Luna and Lupis first meet, when they are pups. Luna finds Lupis in the territory of the Pack of Night, where he is lying on the ground, covered in blood. As he wakes up, the young she-wolf asks who he is, causing Lupis to sheepishly reply that he doesn't remember anything. However, Luna does not seem to care about it and nuzzles him, saying that she is happy Lupis is alive, though. After Luna's mother, Blue, appears and informs Fang, the pack leader, about Lupis, he is allowed to join their pack.[1]
After the death of Flutter, the alpha female of the pack, and the banishment of her own mother, Luna begins to cry and Lupis comforts her.[2]
The years pass and Lupis is seen leaving the den to talk to Luna, who has become the omega of the pack. When he hears Luna's happy reaction about him soon becoming a head tracker, Lupis asks Luna why she is so happy all the time. Luna replies that she has no reason to be sad and he comments on how he can't figure her out. Their conversation is interrupted by Bone, the brother of Luna, who growls at Lupis to go to the den with him before he wakes everybody up. Lupis then says good-bye to Luna and walks away.[3]
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