"Why! You're welcome Luna! I'm so glad you understand I just rescued you from being mauled by your own insane brother, and you aren't angry with me for getting you out of that situation. It's good to know that crazy gene in your pack seems to have skipped you."
— Lupis to Luna in Romance is Boring, 04:23

Lupis Icon
Current: Pack of Night
Past: Loner
Voice Actor(s):
Head tracker
Thowanthewolf (Current), VectorBasedLife (Temporary), Darkoakpaw (Formerly), Jadw13 (Formerly)
First: Child's Play

Lupis is a dark, smoky-gray male wolf with yellow eyes and thick fur.


As a pup, Lupis was reasonably quiet and placid, even after his traumatic flight from the Kingdom. However, he took his mother Mink's last words to heart and never told anyone who he was, revealing a familial devotion and potential for deceit. Despite his hidden identity, he became fast friends with Luna, and their friendship withstood the tests of time, growing stronger in the duration of the one year time skip.
After one year living in the Pack of Night, Lupis has become a popular, respected wolf. He seems to maintain an awkward, on-and-off relationship with Luna while simultaneously fending off Midnight's advances. However, Lupis lacks Luna's penchant for rebelliousness, and is much more complacent with Fang and Bone's dominating command than she is. He is steadfast and loyal to both her and the pack, and still finds ways to have fun, regardless of his painful past.


Child's Play

In this episode, Lupis is seen lying awkwardly in a puddle of blood. Luna finds him and asks who he is, causing Lupis to sheepishly reply that he doesn't remember.

The Fence

Blue and Fang discuss what to do with Lupis, the lost wolf pup. Fang decides that Lupis can stay.

Those Lost

Lupis is seen next to Blue, but remains silent. He helps to comfort Luna when she starts to cry.


Lupis is seen leaving the den to talk to Luna. He is mentioned to be close to being promoted to head tracker, and Luna happily congratulates him. When he hears Luna's happy reaction, Lupis asks Luna why she's so happy all the time. Luna replies that she has no reason to be sad. Lupis comments on how he can't figure her out. Their conversation is interrupted by Bone, who growls at Lupis to go to the den with him before he wakes everybody up. Lupis then says good-bye to Luna and walks away.

The West

Lupis wakes up from sleeping to find Midnight sleeping beside him. He asks why she isn't sleeping in her normal spot. Midnight replies that she got tired of the spot and wants to have Lupis there to protect her. Embarrassed, Lupis tells her that Yin-Yang is calling him.

When he leaves the den, he sees Yin-Yang with three pups. He listens as Yin-Yang tells the pups a story. When the story ends, Yin-Yang sees that Lupis appears to have tears on his face. She asks him if he's okay. Fang appears and orders Lupis to get back to work. Fang tells Lupis that Midnight told Fang that Luna slept in the den the night before and demands that Luna be punished. Lupis protests and offers to take Luna hunting. Fang agrees and orders Lupis to take Luna hunting for five sunrises.

Romance is Boring

In this episode he is seen with Luna who wakes him up. Bone comes a long and yells at them about not doing any work. Bone and Luna fight but Lupis breaks them up by saying that they were taking Milly on a tour of the territory. Luna later yells at him about stopping her getting through to her brother. He states that she didn't see that Bone wanted to kill her. She claims that he was her brother and he wouldn't kill her. He pretend to ignore that and pretend that he had thanked her. She jokes how he developed a sense of humor.

He, Luna, Milly and Rocky are seen at the base of moon cliff. He states that no one knows why Fang keeps it as part of the territory but Luna says that during long hunting trips he and Luna rest there. He yells at her but Luna states the Milly wouldn't tell anyone. Luna playfully throws some snow at him.In return he throws snow on her was. With an evil look she takes a large snowball and throws it at him knocking him over. They chase each other. Later he finally catches Luna. Luna starts to confess her love to him when they are interrupted by Safira. She attacks the two wolves, but Milly saves them.

Family First

He does not have speaking role, but he is seen when Milly fends off Safira.

The Meeting

Lupis is first seen praising Milly after fending off Safira. Afterward he is seen with Luna talking to Milly just before the meeting is called to order and they are forced to leave Milly behind.

He tries to stop Luna from speaking against Fang during the meeting, later stating that it was "by far, the stupidest thing she has ever done." When Fang pins Luna down and begins to yell at her, preparing to kill her, Lupis pleads for him to stop but is held back by Bone, who has a change of heart soon after and also asks for Fang to spare his sister. After Luna is exiled, Fang turns to Lupis and explains that he has been recruited to the Western Kingdom to join Rune, leaving Lupis horrified.

Who's Your Daddy?

Lupis is seen walking with Rune, Kia, and Marra; being taken as a "belonging" of Rune's from the Pack of Night. Lupis is lead to believe the only reason Rune found him was because Marra had revealed his place in the Pack of Night. Marra defends herself, describing how she hates Rune. He is a murderous wolf, and the Kingdom Wolves, along with the Packs, want him dead. She finally comes to one conclusion: Lupis must kill Rune. Lupis is hesitant at first, but then agrees to challenge Rune to a duel the following morning.

Later on in the episode, a day has passed, and it is the morning on which Lupis had promised to challenge Rune to a duel. Holding back his cowardness, he steps out to Challenge Rune to a duel. Rune acts if it is a joke, and asks Lupis if he had ever fough a wolf before, and let alone, killed one. Lupis lunges forward, but Rune swiftly doges, but falls to the side. Lupis pins down Rune, and Marra tells him that he has a chance to kill him. After Lupis' hesitation, Rune flips him under and has him pinned down in the snow. Rune says to Lupis that he must "be the hunter, or he will be the prey." Lupis becomes confused and angry, and asks Rune why he doen't just kill him, instead of playing games. Lupis yells that he is less than his father, but Rune simply smiles. "Are you, now?" He says. "Or are you the first son of Rune?"


  • He was also been with light gray fur and green eyes.




Balder (Father)[1]: Deceased
Mink (Mother)[1]: Deceased


Erol (Brother)[1]: Deceased
Tia (Sister)[1]: Deceased
Aurora (Sister)[1]: Deceased
Unnamed Pups[2]: Deceased


Kahleel[1]: Deceased
Apollo[1]: Deceased


Marra[1]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Vadar[1]: Deceased

Great Aunts & Uncles:

Yin-Yang[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)
Moon[3]: Status Unknown, Most likely deceased

Great Cousins:

Phantom[3]: Deceased
Zero[3]: Deceased
Gri[3]: Status Unknown, Most likely deceased

Great Nephews/Nieces:

Relic[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)
Three Unnamed Pups[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Missing Generations
Unnamed Pups
Unnamed Pups



"Erol, I'm afraid. They're gonna kill us. And they killed Mom, and Dad, and Tia, and no, no, no, no, no... What are we gonna do?"
—Lupis to Erol Things Best Left Forgotten, (Part III) 0:00

"Its a useless plot of territory. Nobody knows why Fang keeps it."
—Lupis to Milly about Moon Cliff Romance Is Boring, Unknown

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