Flicker Icon
Current: Pack of Toyon Fields
Age: 6 years[citation needed]
Alpha Female
Alpha Female Position
Preceded by: Calliope
First: The Meeting

Flicker is a pale ginger she-wolf with a darker saddle and red and black marks. Her left ear is double-notched on the side and her eyes are umber.


The Meeting (Part 1)

Flicker makes a brief appearance with four other alphas as they sit behind Rock and Sharp.

The Meeting (Part 2)

Flicker initially supports Fang's proposal to slaughter the cattle in the farm, but her expression turns hesitant as Luna points out the lack of honor in killing more than they could all eat. When Rock speaks up in support of her, calling her Starshine to try and hide her identity as an omega wolf, Flicker rallies her own support. She reminds the wolves that they were all taught as pups to respect life in every shape and every form, especially when they were forced to take it.
As the alphas agree with the words of "Starshine", Sharp calls from the top of the rock and asks again for Luna's name, as well as her rank. When Luna replies with her real name and pack, clearly avoiding the mention of her rank, Flicker and several other wolves turn suspiciously to her.
When Luna finally admits to being an omega, Sharp bolsters Fang by urging her fellow alphas to listen to the words of a respected leader, not a lowly grunt wolf. Flicker is last seen at this moment, scowling her disapproval at Luna from beside her.


  • Flicker was put into COTW after a donation from Youtube user Callipepla "Quail" Californica, who also provides her voice.[1]
  • At the beginning of part 2 of The Meeting, Flicker can be seen miscolored pale yellow instead of ginger. Additionally, the notches in her ear are missing throughout the episode


References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Tribble's DeviantART or Youtube

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