Fang and Flutter
Fang and Flutter
Characters Fang and Flutter
Relationship Former Mates
Status Canon (Confirmed)

Fang and Flutter is a confirmed canon pairing. It features Fang and Flutter of the Pack of Night.


Fang met Flutter while he was on his way to touch the fence, as he was dared. She stubledd (Literally) upon him while she was with her sister Sharp. Sharp suggests they meet up every once in a while, and they do. Though there is a three year skip, once we see Flutter and Fang again they are happily in love. Fang asks Flutter to be his mate, to which she agrees. Then they have Alari.
Flutter dies from two gun blasts to the head and side protecting Alari, and Fang seems to spiral out of control after this loss. A long time after, Sharp insults Midnight by saying she's only being used for Fang to stick to the past. However, Fang, out of his mind, takes Midnight on as his mate.



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