I'm not afraid of death, I'm only afraid of you dying! Lupis, they don't know you're alive. You can get through this, okay? I can't. It's simple. So go, run!
— Erol's last words to Lupis in Things Best Left Forgotten (Part III), 02:08

Erol Icon
Current: Loner
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Decapitated by Rune's Pack
Voice Actor:
First: The West
Last: Things Best Left Forgotten
Erol is a large, creamy brown male wolf pup with pale brown and ginger flecks speckling his pelt, one brown ear, yellow eyes, and a ginger patch around one eye.


The West

Although he is not mentioned by name, he is seen huddled next to Mink, Balder, and his two sisters during Yin-Yang's story. In the following scene, his headless corpse is dangling from Rune's jaws. He is not seen after this.

Things Best Left Forgotten

Erol appears as the only male in his litter, surrounded by his two close siblings, Aurora and Tia. He taunts Lupis, his younger brother as they venture off into the Kingdom of the West. When Lupis reacts slowly to the scent of all the wolves, he shoves his brother into the bushes to see all the Kingdom. He and Tia explain love to Lupis when he appears confused about why his father chose Mink over being king.

He is seen when Rune greets him and his sisters. He teases Lupis when he misses catching a frog, which he did not intend to kill. Erol holds a plump rabbit in his jaws and insists that Lupis couldn't catch a butterfly, leading Lupis to attempt to catch a butterfly which hovers nearby later during the day. When Tia and Balder are brutally slaughtered by Rune, he defends Lupis while the two timidly cower in the bushes watching their mother, Mink be murdered by Rune.

He and Lupis grieve heavily for their family's death, but are alerted by Mink, who is still alive. Mink insists they run, and leave all the lands that Rune and his rogues might find them. As Lupis protests, Erol convinces him running is the best decision. The two flee from Rune and his wolves for two entire months, only to be cornered later during their expedition. Erol sacrifices himself, shoving Lupis away and preparing to battle Rune. His shriek is heard as Lupis staggers up the cliff, causing him to retreat back to his brother. Erol's dead body is left behind, his head being brought back to the Kingdom as proof of his death. Lupis hears Erol's encouraging words in his head, so he whirls around and continues the excursion on his own, later to be found by The Pack of Night.


  • The meaning of Erol is 'Nobleman', 'Warrior' or 'Prince'



Mink[1]: Deceased


Balder[1]: Deceased


Tia[1]: Deceased

Aurora[1]: Deceased


Lupis[2]: Living (As of The Meeting)

Unnamed Pups[2]: Deceased


Marra[2]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Vadar[1]: Deceased

Great Aunt:

Yin-Yang[3]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Kahleel[1]: Deceased

Apollo[1]: Deceased



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