Episode 24
Episode 24
Name Who's Your Daddy?
Release Date January 02, 2015
Running Time 13:41 Minutes
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Episode 23: The Meeting N/A

Who's Your Daddy is the twenty-fourth episode of the Cow of the Wild series.

Plot Summary

The group consisting of Rune, Marra, Kia and Lupis decides to stop their journey to the Kingdom of the West for the day, as the night draws closer. Rune orders his servant to fetch them some rabbits for dinner, while his mate is in charge of watching their prisoner. During their wait, Marra and Lupis get into an argument, as the male wolf believes his cousin is willingly helping the false king of the West. She denies doing so, since she hates Rune just as much as Lupis does. When she is confronted about her being his queen and allegedly telling him about his whereabouts, she explains that she had been forced to take this place after Rune had murdered her father and uncle, and that in fact, she had tried to keep his survival a secret until he would have been able to murder Rune and take his place as the rightful heir to the throne. Perplexed by her words, Lupis asks the she-wolf why she had not done so herself already, if she wanted him dead so badly, whereupon Marra comments that their pack would not have accepted a female as their rightful leader, which would have eventually led to a war among the ranks of the kingdom. Additionally, she believes that the cowardly act of the queen murdering the king to become ruler herself would have put her into an even worse light. Lupis protests, stating that all he wants to do is go back home, to where Luna is. The other dodges his words by telling him their personal desires are worth less than the sake of the kingdom and orders him to challenge Rune to a duel once the sun has gotten up the next day or prove that he is nothing but a coward without honor.
Meanwhile, back in the alpha cave of the Pack of Night, Sharp comments that she knows the true reason behind Fang's plan to raid the farmer's barn - The death of his former mate and her very own sister, Flutter. The dark pelted wolf sentimentally responds by saying that she had always been the one knowing him the best out of the wolves alive. He then asks her if she had ever considered combining their two packs, followed by remarks on her obvious feelings towards the male, which had already existed during the time Fang chose Flutter as his mate instead of the much shyer Sharp. However, the alpha of the Pack of Falling Stars promptly realizes that the other is trying to manipulate her by taking advantage of her feelings through sweet-talk. Outraged by his attempts, she expresses her disappointment in him and declares that her pack will have no further business with the Pack of Night.

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