Episode 1 - Child's Play
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Child's Play is the first episode of the Cow of the Wild series. A remake of the episode was uploaded on July 01, 2014.

Plot Summary

The series is introduced with a small family of three, including Flutter, Fang, and Alari. Alari ignores her fathers view of who she should be friends with and says she will be friends with whoever she chooses, then goes into the den of Blue, the mother of her friends, to find them. Bone, the only male of the litter, apologizes for not being able to play with her and Midnight because Luna had left to go out on a hunting trip. Surprised and frightened, Blue goes out to look for her.
Meanwhile, Luna discovers a bloody gray pup nestled in a sandy clearing who claims to have forgotten all of his past, due to a cut on his head. Luna assures the pup that he will be alright. Blue then appears and angrily questions her daughter.

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