Episode 14 - New Faces
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New Faces is the fourteenth episode of the Cow of the Wild series. Watch here.

Plot Summary

The episode starts with Torrie and Vimy, two tom cat brothers, who hear the scream of Sammy, as she is attacked by the hawk. Vimy states that they have to go and help her, but Torrie selfishly replies that the only thing they have to do is getting back to their den before it begins to rain, since he hates getting wet.

Speed, a female fox who seems to be their friend, appears and asks whether they have heard that scream. Vimy answers her and the she-fox wants to know what they are going to do about it, much to Torrie's displeasure. He tells them what he thinks about the whole situation, stating that the stranger is probably dead by now and that they could not even reach the nest of the hawk, but Speed tells him that she knows where the hawk's nest is and that it is therefore not impossible to rescue the she-cat.

The next scene shows Luna, Lupis and Milly, who are on their way to the Pack of Night. As Milly starts to annoy Lupis with her questions, he speaks out a rude comment, which makes the cow a bit sad, but Luna cheers her up by saying that he will get nicer when he knows her better. Milly says that she can't wait to meet the other wolves and asks for Alari, shocking Luna slightly. The she-wolf explains what happened to Alari and Milly remembers the moment she met her, apparently feeling guilty for it. The two of them then get interrupted by Lupis, who wonders what is taking them so long and they start following him again.

Vimy, Torrie, and Speed find the hawk's nest. Torrie thinks it is empty, but Speed disagrees and finds Sammy inside, unconscious. Vimy tells Torrie it wasn't so hard. Suddenly, the hawk's screech can be heard and the episode ends there.

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