"Don't be sorry. Sorry doesn't make you any less stupid. Get out of here, all of you!"
— Doran to Mink and her other students in Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

Doran Icon
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Status Alive
Current Feather Ferals
Rank Former Alpha Female
Voice Actors
Current Daltantula
First 20. Fall From Grace, Rise To Power
Last 20. Fall From Grace, Rise To Power

Doran is a cream and rose colored she-wolf with green eyes and black tips on the ears.


Doran used to be the wolf teaching the pack's pups about the history of their pack and about their Brothers in Flight. She openly despised Mink and seemed to easily lose her anger. Mink confessed to Rune that when she would rule the Kingdom of the West together with him and become a princess, she could order Doran to "stick her big fat head in a bees' nest". Rune seemed alright with this, despite the fact Doran is his mother.[1]
Doran and Kia were the ones finding Rune unconscious in the snow after his fight with Balder.[1]


  • Tribble revealed that Doran is alive, but does not speak to Rune anymore.[2]
  • Some fans were confused whether her name is spelled Doran or Doren. However, it has been revealed that Doran is the right way to spell it, as seen at the credits of Episode 20.[3]



Terok[2]: Deceased


Rune[2]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Marra [2]: Living (As of The Meeting)


Relic[2]: Living (As of The Meeting)
Three Unnamed Pups[2]: Living (As of The Meeting)

3 Unnamed Pups



  • "I always knew that she-wolf was no good. Ever since she was a pup she was trouble. It's just like her to run off with the pack's mortal enemy." — Doran about Mink, after she betrayed the pack (20. Fall From Grace, Rise To Power, 08:39)

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