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Welcome to Cow of the Wild Wiki
About Cow of the Wild || Wiki Rules || Recent Changes

This is an ever-growing database dedicated to Cow of the Wild.
There are currently 130 pages and a circulating total of 5,370 edits.
Anyone is free to edit and help expand our knowledge of the series.

The wiki stands in no affiliation with TribbleofDoom It is purely made by fans.
This wiki also contains heavy spoilers to the series. Read at your own risk!


Latest Episode
Episode 23
The Meeting
Coming soon...

Latest Chapter
I Dare You
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Featured Quote
Upset? Upset!? My life was taken from me. My mate, my pup, and you think I'm upset? No, Blue, I'm dead. Dead on the inside!

Fang to Blue after Flutter's death

Featured Picture
The Line Must Be Drawn Here And No Further

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