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Latest Episode
Episode 24
24. Who's Your Daddy?
Marra encourages Lupis to challenge Rune to a battle to defend his heritage. Meanwhile, Luna discovers that Alari is still alive and informs her about Fang's development, and that she could be the one to fix it by returning home.
Fang tries to manipulate Sharp into joining his pack by abusing the fact that she has feelings for him, but the alpha female quickly sees through his games.
When Luca returns to the pack in search of Lupis, she runs into Midnight who convinces her that her friend never really liked her and is choosing Midnight as his mate over Luca. At the same time, the duel between Lupis and Rune takes place, though Lupis lacks the battle experience to be a worthy opponent to the false king, who comes to reveal a disturbing idea to him.

Latest Chapter
I Dare You
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Upset? Upset!? My life was taken from me. My mate, my pup, and you think I'm upset? No, Blue, I'm dead. Dead on the inside!

Fang to Blue after Flutter's death

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The Line Must Be Drawn Here And No Further