Cow of the Wild
Cow of the Wild
Author: Tribbleofdoom
Publishing Date: January 11, 2009
Cow of the Wild is a series made by Tribbleofdoom on Youtube. The series tells about a cow named Milly, whose dream it is to join a wolf pack.

After the release of Episode 24 on Youtube (January 02, 2015), the series went on a three year long hiatus. It was officially confirmed to make a comeback by cast member Fluffylovey[1] on February 09, 2018. The twenty-fifth episode finally officially released on July 28, 2018.

Plot Summary

When the young wolf Alari follows a dare to visit a farm fence, where she encounters the friendly cow Milly, things are about to change forever.


  • The series was inspired by the movie "Call of the Wild", where it also got its name from.[2]
  • Cow of the Wild might eventually return as a book.[3]
  • If by the end of the series Tribbleofdoom's Patreon does well enough to financially support her, she may consider doing a prequel or sequel series. If it is a prequel, it would cover possible subjects such as the youth of Fang, Cliff and Blue or the history of the Kingdom and Feather Ferals. If it is a sequel, it would involve the pups of the current main cast.[3]

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