The Brothers in Flight ceremony is a Feather Feral tradition.


At a young age, Feather Feral wolves are taken out to catch their first avian kill. If they kill the bird with respect, the bird's spirit will bind with them in the afterlife and will allow them to use their wings to fly. The wolves wear the feathers twined in their fur. If a wolf dies without its feather, they will be stuck on the ground in the afterlife.


  • The Feather Ferals wear their feather in certain places to identify their rank. The highest ranking wolves wear feathers on their tails (Ex: Rune, Doran, ect.). Commoners wear them on their chests (Ex: Mink). And Par'Sherras wear them on their heads.
  • It is possible that the Kingdom wolves have adopted this tradition, since Rune took it over.

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