Bone and Alari
Bone and Alari
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Bone and Alari features Bone and Alari from the Pack of Night.


Bone and Alari were both born into the Pack of Night, which resulted in them being childhood friends. They had always shared a close friendship and mutual respect with each other. When Midnight dared someone to touch the fence and Bone showed concern, Alari stood up for him as soon as his sister began to mock him for being a 'chicken'.[2] [...]
One day, Alari quietly greeted Bone by shaking him awake, careful to not wake the others as the two walked out of the den. Alari confessed how much she missed him, and Bone insisted that he could never be happier than then, knowing she would return to the pack, and everything would be fine again. However, Alari instead asked Bone to watch over her father, Fang, as she would be leaving the pack forever, feeling as if her mother's death was her fault. Bone objected, and boldly told her that she had to stay, pouring out his feelings to her. When he admitted he loves her, Alari shrunk away into the shadows, looking hurt.[3]
Later on, Alari was once again stalking Bone, who had been patrolling the territory of the Pack of Night. She tried to stay hidden from his sight, seeming glad to see he was okay. When Bones spotted her, he seemed equally happy and relieved to see her. After staring at him for a heartbeat, Alari ran off. Bone was saddened by this, but carried on.[4]
When Alari finally arrived at the Pack of Night to confront her father about her survival, Fang threatened to attack her for being an impostor. In order to save Alari, Bone attacked the alpha and fled with her, abandoning his rank, his sister Midnight, and pack. As the two of them aimlessly wandered through the woods, Alari asked Bone to stop and talk to him, given she has been tired of always running away. Explaining her true feelings, she finally confessed that she has always returned Bone's feelings of love for her, and they began to cuddle affectionately.[5]


Alari: "Bone. I've missed you."
Bone: "Alari! I've missed you, too. Everyone thinks you're dead. And Fang... he's well. It's okay now, 'cause you're back, you're home, and everything will be alright, and, and..."
Alari: "Bone... I need you to do me a favor."
Bone: "Sure. Anything. What do you need?"
Alari: "I need you to take care of my father. He's upset, and wolves will try to take his place because they see he is weak. Please don't let them hurt him."
Bone: "What? You can take care of him... now that you're back?"
Alari: "I'm not staying."
Bone: "What do you mean, you're not staying? Alari, you can't live out there alone. The winter will start soon. You'll die. You'll starve, or you'll freeze, or you'll get sick."
Alari: "Maybe I deserve it."
Bone: "Of course you don't. You only deserve the best things life has to offer. You... you... Why do you even want to leave anyway?!"
Alari: "It doesn't matter. Just-"
Bone: "It does matter. Tell me why."
Alari: "Because it's my fault! Everything is my stupid fault! I was the one who wanted to leave the den without Blue. I was the one who went down to the fence. I was the one who led the human over. I was the one my mother died saving. Don't you see? I'm better off dead. It's how I deserve to be. I won't come home when my mother didn't. That would be... It would be too unfair..."
Bone: "No! It's not your fault! And you're not bad luck. You're the smartest, bravest wolf I've ever met. You're just too good for this, Alari. Leaving everyone won't solve anything. Please come back to the den with me. I'll help you get through it. Everything will be alright. You'll see."
Alari: "You'll protect him... You'll protect Fang."
Bone: "Y-Yes..."
Alari: "Then I see no reason to stay here."
Bone: "Alari, wait! You can't go, because... because I love you, Alari."
—Alari saying her goodbye to Bone & him confessing to her Leaving Home, 1:41
Alari: "I want to talk. You've hardly said a word to me since we left."
Bone: "What is there to say? You abandoned us, I kept you a secret, we all paid for it."
Alari: "I understand if that's really how you feel. But I do have something to say. A long time ago, you said something to me. Something that meant a lot. At the time, I ran away. I've been running away for so long, from everything, and I'm done with it. I know it's been a long time, and we both changed, but... I love you, Bone. I always have."
—Alari confessing her true feelings to Bone Love Hurts, 7:48

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