Balder and Mink
Balder and Mink
Characters Balder and Mink
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Status Canon (Confirmed)
Balder and Mink is a confirmed canon pairing. It features Balder, from the Kingdom of the West, and Mink, a former Feather Feral.


Balder and Mink meet when Mink and Rune are attempting to steal a rabbit from him. While Rune is hidden, Mink is caught by Balder grabbing the rabbit. When he offers a trade of her name for the rabbit, she hesitates before giving her name. Balder shocks Mink with his knowledge of her pack's heritage, such as the honour of a jay's feather, and the name 'tail-chaser' for kingdom wolves. They talk more before Rune sends Balder away.
It is revealed that Mink has been seing Balder secretly since their first meeting after the death of Terok. After Rune upsets her, she goes to Balder and leaves with him.
After a while, they leave the Kingdom and live as loners.
They go on to have a litter of pups. A son-Erol, and two daughters, Aurora and Tia. At some point after that, they have a litter of four sons, but sickness takes all but one- Lupis.
The family travel to the kingdom to make sure Lupis is healthy. Mink and Balder greet Kahleel in a warm way, but when Apollo appears, Mink looks nervous, and Balder grows angered when Apollo intimidates Mink. When Rune comes, both are hostile towards him, and warn Kahleel that he is dangerous. But Kahleel ignores the warning saying he would not judge Rune by his past. Both wolves grow concered for Kahleel's saftey, but do not argue further.
When they return home, Rune follows, and confronts Balder, who is furious to see him. However, after Rune tells him of his dead family, he is clearly horrified, and when he figures out that it was Rune who killed them, he attacks him, and threatens to kill him, but Rune's wolves appear and murder him. After killing Tia, Rune offers Mink the opportunity to come and be his queen, but she refuses, and states she didn't go with Balder because he had power, but because she loved him, and that she would much rather be dead with her Balder than alive with Rune and challenges to him to do his worst. She is then mortally wounded by Rune, and dies after telling her sons Erol and Lupis to run away and never give away their identity.

Rune reveals in a confrontation with Lupis that Mink was bored by Balder, but couldn't leave her pups behind. As a result, she returned to Rune, and the two met in secret for two months before Balder found out Mink had Rune's pups, killing the three males. He did leave Lupis alive, however.


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